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Sales Tax Audit And Consulting Testimonials

Initially we needed help when an auditor from another state we have operations in was being overly aggressive. Not only was Mr. Hanebutt able to decrease the assessment from the other state, he obtained a refund of overpaid sales taxes in Texas.

Joyce Johnson

At first, I was skeptical. But with the ‘no risk’ policy, I figured there was nothing to lose. I was very surprised by the number of exemptions Steve was able to find on items we had initially paid sales tax on and shouldn’t have. Based on his work, we were able to get a very substantial refund. And after the refund was complete, he sat down and went over everything with us so that we didn’t overpay going forward.

Randy Tuttle

I feel that Mr. Hanebutt handled the refund process very professionally. He walked me through the procedure and made certain that I was very comfortable with everything. He needed very little help from me or my staff. Then, we wound up getting a nice refund.

Kent Hill

When the Texas state auditor came out, he hit us pretty hard with an assessment. But Steve was able to reduce the proposed assessment quite a bit, and I knew he wouldn’t be paid unless he produced.

Kevin Lehman

Controller, Internet University

We were able to obtain a sizable refund. After reviewing our sales tax policies and procedures, they made recommendations that we have since implemented and that continue to save us money.

Ted Butler

Steve was able to get us back a refund on a number of issues. He went over everything with me, explaining all of the exemptions and why the items were exempt. He’s been more than happy to help with questions subsequent to the review, as well.

James Venvertloh

The sales tax review resulted in us getting tax dollars back on a number of items we had purchased. Mr. Hanebutt professionally challenged the state auditor who initially denied the refund on several items.

Bill Hallman

Mr. Hanebutt successfully recovered sales taxes that we had paid that we shouldn’t have. He went over the review and made suggestions that continue to save us money.

Jay Salzer

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