Our service charges

Of course, your business wants a high level of professional services. But you aren’t interested in overpaying for these services, either.

We believe you will find our billing structure to be quite reasonable for the exceptional results rendered.


We offer a tiered pricing structure for our clients needing to file sales tax returns in multiple states. These fees are dependent upon the number of monthly returns prepared and filed – and they typically provide a substantial savings from the “software sellers” that offer you a software package and still require you to do the work. This results in a higher level of customer service, at a decreased price.

Audit Defense

If you have an existing liability as the result of an audit, we generally offer our services on a contingent fee basis. You will know that not only will we have “skin in the game.” But in addition, you will not be receiving a large consulting bill from us without a corresponding benefit.

If you are being proactive and are interested in assistance with your audit from the early stages, we offer very competitive rates.

Employee Retention Credit

We offer all Employee Retention Credit services on a small contingent fee basis. You do not pay a fee for professional services unless and until we obtain a tax benefit (check) for you.

General Consulting

If your needs are outside the sphere of compliance and audit defense, our hourly rates are very appropriate considering our extensive experience and prior results.